Hello everyone! I’m very sorry I haven’t been able to update my blog in a while, I’ve been pretty swamped. I likely won’t be able to post again until the New Year (Happy Holidays in advance), but I promise I’ll be back with new content as soon as I can.

I’ve had a couple people ask me about the Cinitq. The truth is, I’ve had a devil of a time trying to get it up and running. I have one more last-ditch trick to try on it, which I’ll be attempting this weekend. Wish me luck, and stay tuned for more details on what’s been going wrong for me once I post my review of the 21UX!

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One thought on “Hiatus

  1. bortonia says:

    Update: 4 months later – still no Cintiq! First off, I had a helluva time because the tablet didn’t come with a mini-DVI adaptor, which is what I needed to hook it up to my iMac. I tried almost every adaptor on the face of the planet, none worked. I was still unable to set the Cintiq as my primary monitor, which is critical if I’m going to work in Illustrator.

    I finally found the right adaptor and was so excited to hook things up. Only, when I did, the Cintiq still wasn’t working. Boo, hiss!

    I strongly suspected this wasn’t a problem with the tablet, though, since it connects just fine to my laptop at work (MacBook Pro). My iMac at home had always been a little suspect: the sound card was totally borked, and it wouldn’t go to sleep or shut down.

    My theory was confirmed just a few weeks ago when my computer suddenly went to sleep… And wouldn’t wake up. New computer time!

    I upgraded to the gorgeous 27″ iMac, which from ALL reports has more than enough juice to power the Cintiq. But then, I got swamped with work and ended up working a few weekends in a row, leaving no time to experiment.

    Finally… Months and months and months after I got the Cintiq, I was ready to play this weekend. And guess what?

    I no longer have a license* for the Adobe Creative Suite. Naturally.

    So I’m now off to upgrade my software, which I probably can’t do until after I get back from a trip overseas.

    I swear, someday I will get that Cintiq up and running.

    *Quick disclaimer here!: I DO NOT PIRATE SOFTWARE, and I’m adamantly against pirating of any kind (especially music)! I did have a license for AI CS3. Years ago when I was upgraded to CS3 at work, I was allowed an additional at-home license as well. Prior to that I had an academic version of CS (which cannot be upgraded), so I was thrilled with the CS3 suite. Unfortunately fast forward many years later, and we’ve now upgraded all the machines at work to CS4, meaning all the old CS3 licenses no longer work. Thankfully I do have a work laptop but I’ll need to license new software for my iMac since I hate working on a teeny laptop screen at home!

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