This series, which was featured in iStockphoto’s Feast recently, is fascinating!

In his Everything is a Remix series of videos, Kirby Ferguson argues that if you look closely enough at any creative endeavor, you can probably find its inspiration just below the surface.

Using examples ranging from Led Zepplin “borrowing” from bluesmen to George Lucas appropriating elements from sci-fi serials and samurai movies for Star Wars to Henry Ford’s cobbling together of assembly lines, interchangeable parts and the automobile to produce the first mass-market car in 1908, Kirby makes a convincing argument that all creation ultimately comes from a preexisting set of influences.

Once you start seeing the world through Ferguson’s eyes, copying stops sounding like a dirty word and starts to resemble a basic building block of creativity. Only after we’ve mastered the fundamentals of our creative practice through imitation can we begin to create something truly original by transforming and combining these influences in new and exciting ways.

Click here to view the video series!