iStock now accepting illustrations with text

Text in Illustrations

iStock will now accept illustrations that include text elements. Design elements are a big part of our collection and we want to free up our illustrators to incorporate words into their creations. So we’re loosening what used to be some pretty tight restrictions. Here’s what we’re looking for:

• Banners, badges, and other design elements that include text
• Wordmarks: text-only treatments that convey a concept. (We will be picky about these — bring your ‘A’ game.)
• Holiday illustrations with captions. (‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’)
• Original text designs (letters made out of balloons, etc)
• Multiple languages — think beyond English.

Submission requirements
• You must have the necessary rights to any existing font that you include. By uploading, you are warranting that you either own all copyrights to the font or typeface that you have used or that you have licensed the font or typeface for commercial use. Do your homework. Find out which fonts permit commercial use and which ones don’t.
• All existing fonts must be converted to outlines prior to submission.
• Text must be interesting and useful. Don’t just fire up illustrator, type a word, and expect it to be accepted. We are looking for original and unique type treatments, not ‘I Love You’ in Times New Roman Bold (or, God forbid, Comic Sans).

This change is effective immediately: you can upload these files now. To help, we’ve gathered some tips for choosing the best typefaces for your designs in this thread.

You can read original announcement here, but we’ve decided to start another Illustrator Forum thread for vector contributors.

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