Recent illustration articles from iStock

It’s been ages since I compiled a list of the recent illustration-related articles up on iStock. My apologies! We’re still churning out plenty of tips, tricks and tutorials for you guys. Here are some links to our recent features:

Flash moves in with Illustrator: A great beginner’s guide to bringing your amazing vector illustrations into Flash.

Logo Design: Concept & Execution: An excellent and comprehensive guide to designing logos. Now, iStock recently announced that it would not be selling logo designs, however this article is a must-read for anyone interested in logo design. Plus, it gives some great tips on working with type which will come in handy now that iStock accepts type based illustrations!

Illustration Basics: An introduction to vectors and EPS files for clients.

Animated Silhouettes: How to animate your silhouettes using Flash.

Vectors Explained: A comprehensive guide to what exactly a vector is! Handy for people who look at you blankly when you tell them that you’re a vector illustrator đŸ˜‰

Making Painted Textures: An excellent tutorial from the incomparable Doodlemachine that will teach you how to create, scan and use painted textures in Illustrator.

Illustration Trends: A look at how illustrations are being used in today’s designs.

Design Elements: We took our most popular vector files and organized them into categories to help clients quickly and easily find the perfect illustration for their project.

Raster Media: An introduction to the most common raster media. What’s a raster medium, you ask? Well, anything that isn’t created solely on a computer: Oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink, and pencil drawings.

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