Daily Illustration 10-31-12

For my last daily illustration, I expanded on the neon sign concept with these:

>> Click here to purchase the open/closed, cold beer, and open late signs on iStockphoto.com

I’m definitely glad my month-long Daily Illustration project is over. I’ve learned that I’m not the kind of illustrator who can sit down every single day to work, especially on weeknights after coming home from my full time job!

I much prefer to work in spurts by putting aside an afternoon on the weekend to churn out vectors. To give you an idea, there were 31 days in October, but by the end of the month I have uploaded a total of nearly 400 files (admittedly, there are a lot of similar files in that total). I’d sit down for one afternoon and be able to easily knock out 30 files, but trying to draw just one after a long 10 hour work day was really a struggle.

I definitely won’t commit to daily uploads in the future, but, I will try to post more of my work as I finish it!

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