I was recently introduced to a fantastic new script called the Magic Eraser. It automatically cuts and deletes vector objects outside of your artboard! I had my friend Andrea Hill give it a test drive, here’s what she had to say:

The Magic Eraser plug-in for Illustrator is a handy tool for removing objects that exist beyond the artboard in your illustration. I found it very helpful in reducing the number of shapes that I have in my EPS files quickly, rather than having to delete them manually, therefore saving a significant amount of time. I use a lot of auto-traced grunge textures in my illustrations, and the script is especially helpful in deleting the many extra shapes the auto-trace creates quickly and easily. In addition, I have found that the size of the file can increase significantly when using textures, and by deleting the unnecessary shapes it helps to reduce the file size considerably as well. The plug-in works quickly, and overall it is a good time-saver.

At only $5 it’s a total bargain 🙂