DeepMeta now vector compatible. Yay!

We are very excited to announce that Deep Meta can now be used to upload your vector illustrations. Just in time for Christmas!

DeepMeta is FREE software for your computer that assists you in uploading and managing your iStock portfolio. If you haven’t used Deep Meta before you can download it here.

Any iStock vector contributor will find this software useful. Having a local copy of your portfolio data makes editing/fine tuning your keywords and categories really easy. Powerful search/replace/copy functionality will save you a lot of time.

The main features: Bulk adding/editing keywords and categories for your files, appending model or property releases, uploading your vectors to iStock, storing your reference images in a local library, bulk uploading multiple files at once, checking your latest portfolio statistics and ratings, and so much more.

Vector contributors can prepare a batch of JPEG and EPS files in advance and use DeepMeta to upload to iStock in batches. Make sure you’re naming your EPS and JPEG previews the same so the program knows which files to pair together on submission.

You can find a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Deep Meta to submit your files here. Here’s a brief summary of how to get started:

1. Download Deep Meta
2. Unzip the folder and follow the installation instructions
3. Load the program, review the licensing agreement, then enter your iStock member name and password (File > Preferences) to access your account
4. Under the ‘iStock’ menu, select ‘Fetch ALL data from iStock’ to download your portfolio information. This can take several minutes depending on your portfolio size
5. To upload, click on the ‘Add new files’ button on the ‘Files’ tab page
6. Browse your computer to select your files and click ‘Add’
7. You can easily copy & paste file information across multiple illustrations. You can bulk edit titles, descriptions, keywords, categories or releases/reference
8. You can also use Find & Replace to quickly update your portfolio data
9. When you’re finished entering all of your file information, you are ready to upload to iStock
9. Once your files are online, Deep Meta allows you to track your statistics as well

For more information about using Deep Meta please read the Deep Meta FAQs, the Deep Meta forum at iStock, or use theonline Support contact form.

Happy uploading everyone!

Click here to see the discussion on iStock

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