Uploading vectors to iStock (What’s new!)

2013 was a busy year for our vector team at iStock. We launched a whole ton of new features, raised royalties and made a lot of great changes to our inspection policies.

But I still see posts and comments out there from illustrators who aren’t aware of iStock’s recent illustration news. So I’ve decided to round the highlights up into one post for the New Year 🙂

Click on the links to see the original announcements and discussions. Enjoy!

JPEG artwork now categorized as ‘illustrations’: iStock’s finally categorizing raster artwork as ‘illustrations’ (not ‘photo’ JPEGs). For more information please read the FAQ Thread.

Removal of vector upload limits: No more limits on how many vectors you can submit each week! For more information please see the Upload Limits announcement thread.

Now accepting AI10 files!: iStock now accepts Adobe Illustrator version 10 EPS files (AKA AI10 EPS). No more flattening transparencies for AI8s anymore! For more information please see our AI10 EPS Upload Guidelines.

Text based vector illustrations: iStock  now accepts illustrations that include text. For more information please see our Submission Requirements for text-based illustrations.

Progressive zooms for vector previews: iStock has introduced a progressive zoom function for all vector illustrations. Now you can zoom in and see all the details in a vector file! For more information please see the Progressive Zoom for Vectors thread.

iStock Illustrator’s Guide: iStock have put together a new forum guide for illustration contributors. This thread contains all of our submission requirements, FAQs for new artists, contact lists, and links to online tutorials for illustrators. It’s a must-read for new illustrators on iStock. You can find out more in this thread.

Exclusive vectors mirroring on Getty Images: If you’re an Exclusive vector artist on iStock, now your files are automatically ‘mirrored’ on Getty Images as part of the iStock Vectors’ collection. You don’t have to do a thing: Just upload to iStock and your files will also display on Getty Images. For more information please see this thread.

Royalty rate increases for vector contributors: Non-Exclusive contributors now receive a flat 20% royalty rate on vector downloads. Previously, non-Exclusive rates ranged from 15% to 20% depending on the contributor’s Royalty Rate. iStock has also bumped up the base Exclusive royalty rate from 25% to 30%. For more information please see this thread.

iStock now reads IPTC Data for vector submissions: iStock will now read IPTC (metadata) from the JPEG previews of your vector submissions. This is a major time saver as now you can embed your titles, descriptions and keywords right into your vector file (meaning you don’t have to type them in one by one when uploading!). Click here to read more.

Don’t know what to draw? Check out the ‘Files We’re Missing’ thread!: Anytime we see an underpopulated search on iStock, or get a request from clients, we’ll add it to our list of ‘files we couldn’t find’. We hope this will give you some inspiration next time you’re looking for a concept to illustrate!

My all time favorite new feature: DeepMeta now works for vector uploads. DeepMeta is FREE software for your computer that assists you in uploading and managing your iStock portfolio. For more information on how it works please see this thread. You can download your copy of DeepMeta here!

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