New iStock Price Tiers

Big news at iStock today! If you’ve missed the announcement you can catch up here and join the discussion here.

In a nutshell, iStock is adjusting the price of existing credits on the site while collapsing the (very, very, VERY) complicated price tiers into simpler, clearer Collections.

You can read all about it in the forums but in the meantime, I’ve made a quick chart showing our existing price structure vs the new system, which will be launching within a couple of weeks. I got all of these prices from the website, and sincerely apologize if I typed any into my spreadsheet wrong. Even I have trouble figuring out what files are which price on the site! 😉

The column on the left shows the existing prices per file size, and on the right, what they will become under the new pricing system. Note that while the price of New Credits hasn’t been released yet, they will be roughly the cost of 5 current credits.



One thought on “New iStock Price Tiers

  1. […] von iStocks Vektoren-Abteilung, Jennifer Borton, hat auf ihrem Blog eine Ãœbersicht mit den alten und neuen Preisen in Tabellenform […]

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