Free Stock Master Illustration Script

Our friends over at Mai Tools have released an awesome new script for microstock illustrators: Free Stock Master Illustrator Script.

If you don’t know how to prepare your vector file for microstocks use the best tool Free Stock Master. It is a script for Adobe Illustrator which works very simply. And it is absolutely free besides. This script can automatically prepare vector files for microstocks. It scans a vector file and fixes mistakes such as open paths, ghost shapes, bitmap, active brushes, symbols, effects, text etc.

Published by bortonia

My name is Jennifer Borton, and I'm a vectorholic. I first fell in love with vectors during a digital illustration course while completing my Graphic Design degree at Red River College, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. I'm currently the Senior Manager of Illustrations for iStock and Getty Images. I started with simple logos and learned how to trap files manually in Freehand: The sorts of things any design student should learn. I never even considered vectors as a serious artistic medium: All my illustration courses focused on painting, or ink, or sculpture, or pencil crayon. I had no idea what I was missing out on. A few years later I discovered Adobe Illustrator, then microstock, and was hooked. Soon all my free time was spent drawing whatever I could think of to upload and sell. Over time, I was spending MORE time illustrating than I was designing. Back then there wasn't much online in terms of learning materials, and I hated the basic tutorials you could find. I like to play around with each tool to get a sense of how it works, as opposed to following precise steps and creating a carbon copy of the tutorial file. I'm hoping I can stay true to this with this blog. I'm currently living in Calgary, AB and working for I draw things that make me happy, and love to teach anyone who'll listen.

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