Q. Can I add text to my illustrations?

A. Yes, we accept illustrations containing text. However, please note that we prefer to see text-based illustrations come in as vector files. Text on raster (JPEG) illustrations can be extremely difficult to edit for clients so if you want to experiment with text, we suggest you use Adobe Illustrator® or other vector- based programs.

Q. What fonts can I use?

A. Read the license that came with your font to ensure it can be used commercially (i.e. sold as a Royalty Free stock illustration). As per our ASA (Artist’s Supply Agreement), you are responsible for ensuring your submissions don’t contain any legal issues. As such, you will need to check the font license to ensure it’s OK to use it commercially. When in doubt, please contact the font creator or type foundry for clarification.

Q. But can’t iStock just give me a list of fonts I can use?

A. No. iStock doesn’t own the copyright of any fonts and as such we cannot give you permission to use them. Only the copyright owner of a font can grant commercial usage permission for their font. Again, when in doubt check the font license or contact the font creator or type foundry directly to ask if it’s OK you use their font in your illustrations.

Q. What language should I use when adding text?

A. You can use any language you like. Just make sure you are triple checking your spelling if you’re using a language you are unfamiliar with! Illustrations containing typos or grammatical errors will be rejected. In addition, don’t forget that not all of our clients are English speakers. Please consider uploading multiple versions of an illustration using different languages in the same design to give clients more options.

Q. Can I use fake words, like Lorem Ipsum?

A. Yes, we recommend using faked text like Lorem Ipsum. In fact, since it is not a real language, it makes it easier for a client to visualize their own words in place of the faked text.

Q. Can I create fake company names/contact info to use as placeholder text in my illustrations?

A. Yes, however please double check that the faked info you use doesn’t belong to existing companies. Many simple sounding ‘fake’ company names, addresses, URLs and email addresses do in fact belong to real businesses and we must reject them for copyright/ trademark reasons. We strongly recommend you stick to clearly fake contact info like ‘Company Name’, ‘www.YourCompany’sURL.com’, ‘email@ yourcompanynamehere.com’, ‘1234 1st Street, City Name, Country Name’ and so on.

Q. Can I upload logo design templates?

A. No. The iStock Content Licensing Agreement specifically prohibits clients from using our illustrations as logos (See section 3b: ’Restricted Uses: No use in Trademark or Logos’). Describing your illustration as a ‘logo’ is extremely misleading for clients as they are not allowed to use iStock illustrations as logos or trademarks. As such, if you use the word ‘logo’ in your illustration (for example, you type ‘Logo Template’ as placeholder text), or in your metadata (keywords, description, or title), your file will be declined. This information is also covered in our comprehensive Contributor FAQs site.

Q. Can I submit vectors with editable text boxes?

A. No, all text must be converted to outlines. This is because clients likely don’t have the same fonts as you, so editable text boxes in your le will default to a system font (such as Courier). In order to ensure clients are receiving the exact same file they saw on iStock you must convert all your text to outlines. To do this in Adobe Illustrator®, just click on your text and go to ‘Type > Create Outlines’.

Q. Should I add captions, greetings or messages to my illustrations?

A. You can, but please remember not all clients want illustrations with text on them. They may not like the words that you’ve used, might not have the ability to edit vector files, may speak a different language, or even not like your choice of font. We suggest that if you are uploading an illustration with a caption, greeting, or message on it that you also upload the same illustration separately without any text on it. This gives our clients the option to purchase the file on its own if they don’t want or need text on it.

– Image courtesy Wikipedia