I’ve been a fan of Mai Tools for a long time now. They put out all kinds of handy dandy scripts and tools that are huge time savers for vector illustrators.

Today I discovered their newest tool, Magic Isometry Light.

I loooove isometrics! However, I tried to do them a few years back without any experience and boy are they tough. The slightest misalignment on an object can throw off an entire composition, and it’s wickedly difficult to eyeball. So I’m really looking forward to giving this new tool a go. Check out the features:

  •  Turns flat objects to isometric projection with any angle.
  • Operates like a panel in Ai and has compact interface.
  • Mount Function to combine isometric projections properly.
  • Make All Function to create isometry by one click.
  • Symmetry Function for fast symmetry creation.
  • Reverse Function to turn back isometry to flat.
  • Arrows to move objects in the isometric system of axes.
  • Coefficient W for width adjust.
  • Isometric Grid Templates files included.
  • Has open source code.
  • Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Windows, Mac.


The best part is it’s only $7! Having struggled for hours trying to make the simplest of isometric shapes I will be more than happy to pay for anything that’ll help me work faster. You can check out some of Mai Tools’ other products here.