Here’s a quick and simple step-by-step guide to how to upload your vector illustrations to iStock using the ESP upload system.

Step 1: Prepare your files for upload

  • Save your vector files as Adobe Illustrator 10 compatible EPS files
  • Save an RGB JPEG preview of your file, at least 1900 x 2800px
  • Make sure your EPS and your JPEG preview have the same name (ie ‘illustration.eps’ and ‘illustration.jpg’)
  • Have all of your reference photos/sketches, and any Model and/or Property Releases ready to go (if required)

Step 2: Go to and log into your iStock contributor account


Step 3: In the ‘My Content’ box, click on the ‘Upload & review content‘ link


Step 4: Create a new Submission batch for your files

  • In the Overview tab, choose your file type from the drop-down menu (‘iStock Creative Illustration‘)
  • Give your Submission batch a name. This name is only for your own reference, it is not shown to clients
  • Click on the green + New Submission button

06-UploadPageStep 5: Add files to your Submission

  • Click and drag your files onto the central gray box with the ‘+‘ symbol to begin uploading
  • Alternately, you can click the ‘+‘ to browse your computer for your files, or link to your DropBox account
  • You can upload up to 100 illustrations per Submission batch


Step 6: Add your file Titles, Descriptions and Date Created

  • Click on the file(s) you would like to edit
  • You can edit one file at a time, or multiple files at once
  • Selected files will have a black outline
  • Under the Text Descriptions tab on the right, you can enter your file’s Title, Description, and Date Created


Step 7: Add your Keywords

  • Once you’ve added a Title to your file you can click on the blue button under Keywords
  • This brings up a pop-up that suggests keywords for you, based on the title of your file
  • Check off the boxes for any relevant terms an click Apply
  • You can also use the text field to type in your keywords


Step 8: Upload your reference images and Model/Property Releases (if required)

  • If your file requires reference imagery or any Releases, click on the Upload new release link under the Releases tab on the right


  • Click on the blue ‘Browse’ button to upload your reference or Release


  • Choose the type of release using the drop-down Release Type menu
  • If you’re uploading a reference image, choose Property Release as your Release Type
  • When finished, close the Releases tab to return to your Submission

IMPORTANT: Make sure you click the checkbox in the Releases tab in order to attach your reference/Release to each illustration in your submission (bottom right):


Step 9: Save and submit your illustrations

  • Once you’ve added your metadata and attached your reference/Releases, click on the green Save button on the top right
  • Once you’ve saved your files, click on the blue Submit on the top left to send them in for inspection


For more detailed instructions on how to upload files using ESP, check out the Getting Started Guide, which features tutorial videos, content licensing basics, contributor tools, and more.