Typesetting’s evolution from metal type to digital: What went wrong?

Check out this fascinating article from FastCompany that details the evolution of typesetting over the past couple hundred years. It does an excellent job explaining how the basics of typography came to be, and why they’re a mess since the digital revolution.

Published by bortonia

My name is Jennifer Borton, and I'm a vectorholic. I first fell in love with vectors during a digital illustration course while completing my Graphic Design degree at Red River College, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. I'm currently the Senior Manager of Illustrations for iStock and Getty Images. I started with simple logos and learned how to trap files manually in Freehand: The sorts of things any design student should learn. I never even considered vectors as a serious artistic medium: All my illustration courses focused on painting, or ink, or sculpture, or pencil crayon. I had no idea what I was missing out on. A few years later I discovered Adobe Illustrator, then microstock, and was hooked. Soon all my free time was spent drawing whatever I could think of to upload and sell. Over time, I was spending MORE time illustrating than I was designing. Back then there wasn't much online in terms of learning materials, and I hated the basic tutorials you could find. I like to play around with each tool to get a sense of how it works, as opposed to following precise steps and creating a carbon copy of the tutorial file. I'm hoping I can stay true to this with this blog. I'm currently living in Calgary, AB and working for iStockphoto.com. I draw things that make me happy, and love to teach anyone who'll listen.

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