Online Vector Tutorials

  • Layers Magazine: Tons of great tutorials and how-to’s from beginner level to advanced.
  • GoMedia Tutorials: Step by step tutorials (and videos) on everything from converting your pencil sketches into vectors to creating your own custom scatter brushes
  • A great resource, with tutorials on how to do everything from creating maps to complex lighting effects
  • Slightly more advanced techniques for mesh, type, and transparency effects
  • A little bit of everything from simple character design to complex 3D effects
  • Tons of great tutorials from logo designs to blend functions
  • Simple, well demonstrated and easy to follow tutorials
  • AI Real World Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator genius Mordy Golding’s personal blog. One of the most comprehensive AI tutorial sites online!
  • Excellent video tutorials
  • iStockdiary: Tons of tutorials for all things vector, great stuff!
  • Adobe Illustrator Techniques: A great tutorial resource. Subscribers receive both a magazine and access to their online tutorials
  • Marvin’s Corner: An excellent introduction to pre-press and printing files, and how to avoid common mistakes in setting up your vector files
  • Full of handy tips, tricks, and tutorials
  • An excellent ‘everything you needed to know about vectors’ tutorial
  • Northlite Designs: Tips and tricks (everything from brushes to text effects)
  • A great selection of step-by-step tutorials for Illustrator
  • Bittbox: A handy tutorial on creating your own custom Illustrator brushes
  • Character Illustration Tutorial: A great how-to for anyone interested in drawing original characters
  • Veerle: Taking your illustration from sketch to adding finishing touches
  • Digital Media Net: Assorted tutorials from building 3D charts to reconfiguring brushes
  • A comprehensive start-to-finish classroom site
  • Tutorial Outpost: Step-by-step instructions on how to do pretty much anything in AI
  • VectorDiary: A great vector blog offering tutorials and links to other vector related sites.
  • N.Design Studio: A wide range of Illustrator tutorials
  • Illustration Info: A variety of vector tips and tricks
  • Smashing Magazine’s Top Illustrator Tutorials 2007: A collection of the best tutorials from 2007. Everything from basic to advanced techniques.
  • Smashing Magazine’s Top Illustrator Tutorials 2008: A collection of the best tutorials from 2008. Everything from basic to advanced techniques.

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