Vector Tools and Resources

File Inspectors

Pre-flight your files with these handy inspection tools:

  • Select Menu: An absolute life saver. Use this plugin to quickly and easily find open shapes, rasterized objects, and much more in your vector files.
  • Vector Stock Helper: This awesome script will help you check, clean and export your vector files.
  • Vector Inspector: Helps you analyze, fix and prep your files for upload to microstock sites. This program will identify and fix problem areas.
  • ExtendedSelect for CS4: Working on Windows and can’t find inspection plugins? Look no further, this is the script for you.

Illustrator Addons

These amazing tools make drawing a breeze.

  • VectorScribe: Hands down one of the most amazing addons for Illustrator we’ve ever seen. Simplify everything with this tool!, it just makes perfect sense!
  • Point Control: A plugin chock full of path and point editing features. A bargain for only $10!
  • Better Handles: An Adobe Illustrator tool for creating and editing Bézier curve handles
  • EZConstrain: A free Adobe Illustrator plugin for changing and resetting the constrain angle
  • SnapMeasure: A better measuring tool for Adobe Illustrator
  • Color Lovers: A great site to visit if you’re having doubts about the colors you’re using. Put together your own color palettes and see what’s trendy

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