EPS File Upload Errors

At least once a month, a new thread will pop up in a vector illustration forum that reads something like this:

“This stupid microstock site is broken! I keep trying to upload my vector and I get the error ‘The illustration does not appear to be an EPS file’. When will this be fixed, I have files to upload!?”

Now, it’s understandable someone would be mad to get an error like this! The thing is, though, it’s not the website that’s causing it. It’s your browser.

Chances are the user was using Firefox, or another Mozilla based browser. What’s happened is called a MIME-type error. In a nutshell, what’s happened is the browser has stopped recognizing what an EPS file is. This can also happen if you’re uploading ZIP files, too.

This error seems to come along at random and unfortunately there’s nothing the microstock site can do. It’s a browser error, not a website error.

All you need to do is either work in another browser, or try editing your browser’s MIME settings. You can also contact Firefox’s Support team from their website for help.

Happy uploading!


One thought on “EPS File Upload Errors

  1. Thanks for posting about it! I use Firefox and I’m glad I keep an IE on my computer just in case something like that can happen. đŸ™‚

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