Introducing Vector Stock Helper

Once upon a time, I got  an email from my friend Matias (aka member ‘mendio‘ on iStockphoto). He was wondering if I’d be interested in helping him beta test a script he was working on. H*ck yes, I said! And I’m glad I did: this slick little script is a Godsend for anyone contributing vectors to microstock.

We’re stoked to announce that Vector Stock Helper version 1.0 is finally live and available for download! Here’s the product description:

Vector Stock Helper is a free Illustrator script for MAC/PC that help vector artist to check, clean, and export vector files ready for stock.

The main goal for the script is help contributors to avoid rejections due technical problems on vector files and help inspectors to simplify their work.


• MAC/PC compatible, Adobe illustrator CS3,CS4,CS5
(CS5 is in early test so don’t hesitate to inform any bug on my website here)

• Check document for all EPS AI8 incompatibilities
(open shapes, stray points, Items outside the artboard, closed and stroked paths, linked items, raster items, transparency effects, transparent layers, JPEG preview size)

• Cleanup document
to reduce file size and make the document more user friendly (Delete empty layers, delete guides, delete uncolored items, delete paterns, symbols and graphics styles, delete unused swatches, add used colors as global swatches, unlock and unhide layers)

• Export JPEG (.jpg) and EPS AI 8 (.eps) requerid files
. Optional files: AI CS3 (.ai), PDF v.7 (.pdf), PNG image(.png) and PSD image (.psd)

• Metadata manager to add Title,description and keyword to the exported raster files.

Configurable image size for exported files. (option to automatic set the minimum size required to match iStockPhoto JPEG preview standar)

Easy of use User Interface with fully configurable settings.

You can download it and see use and instalation instruction on my website: here “

Thanks for this fantastic tool, Matias!


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