Tips for Type

Choosing the right font for your design or illustration can make or break your final piece. I’ve put together some great resources to help those who are new to using typefaces:

5 Tips for Choosing a Font: A great list of all the things you should take into consideration when choosing a typeface for your design

Typographic: An excellent interactive site geared towards all things type, from the history of typography to the anatomy of a typeface

Typedia: Anatomy of a Typeface: Read about the actual bits and pieces that make up a typeface design (and yes, they all have names!)

Most Hated Fonts: A cheeky look at fonts that probably land on most designer’s ‘most hated’ lists (Comic Sans, anyone?)

D-hub: A Short History of Typography: A short, but incredibly comprehensive history of type design throughout the ages

Non-Typographer’s Guide To Practical Typeface Selection: An excellent guide to choosing the appropriate typeface for your design

Choosing the Right Font: A short and sweet guide to choosing the best font you can

An Introduction to Type: A great reference guide that explains everything from special characters to ligatures.

Typetalk’s Kerning Principles: If you have no idea what kerning is, then you really, REALLY need to read this. Nothing says ‘amateurish’ faster than a poorly kerned design!

Know Your Type: A great introduction to choosing the proper typeface for your project.


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